Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Extreme Couponing Does Not Always Equal Free

Harris Teeter is running it "Super Doubles" Event this week. What this really means is that they will double coupons up to $1.98 in value. I knew this sale was starting but had really decided to just not focus on it instead try to see if we could eliminate shopping until June.  But of course, after we talked about the idea of not grocery shopping for a month or more, made a list of things that we knew we would run out of,purchase the items on our list,  then realize that both the coffee supply and laundry detergent were running low.

Even with no plans for grocery shopping in the next six weeks, I still try to keep reading the coupon sites. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that Starbucks coffee was going to be on sale this week.  After a quick check of my coupons, I decided to put together a list for Matt to pick up today. I use the Harris Teeter Express Lane which basically allows Matt to drive up and pick up the groceries I order on-line. There are 2 draw backs to using Express Lane. First the $4.95 fee involved and second the fact that your coupons do not count toward today's order but a future purchase.

Today, neither of these really affected my totals because he spent $18.44 and saved $59.55 or 76% today. This includes enough whole bean coffee for approximately 6 months, and Tide Laundry Detergent for a month.  In addition, Matt turned in another $20 of coupons for our next order. I am so excited!!! Hopefully we will get back to the no shopping for a while now!

But as the title says, yes most people consider me an "Extreme Couponer" but that does not mean that I always get everything for free or that I have a huge stockpile of Adult Diapers and Preparation H. I would consider today, one of my best trip because we purchased our favorite "name brand " items for a fraction of the cost.

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