Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not Me

It is Not Me who is writing this post on Sunday night, with hopes to be able to participate in the fun over at MckMama on Monday.

It is Not Me who fed not only my children but also another child; chips (at least they were Multi-grain), salsa and cheese dip for dinner tonight.

It is definitely Not Me who is allowing my kids to watch Nick Jr while in the bathtub simply to get a few minutes of peace without interruption.

It is also Not Me who decided that the weekends don't count on her diet :).

It also would Not be Me who is so excited because she used the strike out feature in her last blog. That would be very nerdy.

It was also Not Me who after discovering, she had lost 2.5# consumed 3 bottles of water, knowing full well that means I am going to be in the bathroom half the night.

It would also be Not Me who is glad that her husband has finally seen the light regarding the expense of processed/convenient food and is willing to cut every corner imaginable to save money!

Finally it is Not Me who after cleaning out the freezers last week is so happy that they now are incredible full due to the cooking we have accomplished this weekend.

Anyone else what to join in the confessions?

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