Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Celebration

It literally has been years since I have made plans for New Year's Eve. Normally,going to bed by 10pm is the top of my ways to celebrate, other years it is sitting and watching the ball drop on the couch. This year turned out to be a little bit different.
I honestly can't say whose idea it was, but a group of people from our church met at Chick Filet for dinner and then we headed to a movie. This was a very different group as it include a couple that is older who have grand kids, a couple with one son, who is an young adult, another family that has teenagers and young adults, our friends the Pierces and us. The movie was pretty good. I even got to watch all but 10 minutes which was my one and only bathroom trip. The little ones are learning to really watch and behave, I am even optimistic that we could go once a month to the movies if we wanted. The movie was longer than we expected so as we left the parking lot at 9:45pm all three of the little kids were asleep. We arrived home and I actually fell asleep while watching the news. No ball drop for me!

Today (New Year's Day) was spent at church and sleeping. I wrote about  my goals for the next year last night so today I am trying to slowly starting working on them. My thought is that if I start slow then I will not be overwhelmed and just give up!

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