Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thoughts to Share

Yesterday was Amanda's 20th birthday! WOW..we made it..yes it was a joint effort. So in honor of that I thought I would share some things that I wished I had learned 20 years ago aka things I wish she as well as some of her friends would listen and learn.

DISCLAIMER.. I am going to be blunt and might offend so please click the close button if you think I am talking to you.

1. Sex is and sex are not relate unless you and he both want them to be.
2. Just because you have sex with him does not mean you have to love or marry him.
3. Only bring home guys to meet the family after dating for at least a month and only bring home the ones you want my honest opinion of as well.
4. You can't change a person or their bad habits..if they do it while you are dating then it will be 10 x worse if and when you get married
5. Don't waste time on dating someone that fits any of the following statements
a. does not own his own car or form of transportation
b. is in a different stage of life then you
c. does not have a "real" job that has a steady paycheck
d. has different or no religious beliefs.

Okay I am finished being a mom back to regularly scheduled updates

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