Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stress Relief Day

This day actually turned out to be much better than I had hoped or prayed for. Zach had an appointment with a Cardiologist this morning. One of the things that has been mentioned several times in the last two years is the possibility that he is so small maybe be contributed to a heart condition. When the doctor at his two year old check up "thought" he might hear a murmur, it was decided to get it checked out. Today after waiting a total of almost 2 hours we received the best news possible. Zach's heart is perfect, in fact it never needs to be checked again unless something major happens! YAY! Matt and I have both agreed that as of today, we are no longer worried about the why Zach is small. He is small because God made him that way! As Matt put it "he is small until he is not small anymore." It feels like a huge burden has been lifted off of me. We have decided that Zach is healthy and we claim it in our Lord Jesus!

In other news we were able to get a new set of tires on the car. Matt also has cashed his first income as a web designer!  He is going to slowly over the next 4 year try to build up and maintain a business that will allow him to be a stay at home dad as well as keep his foot in a door!


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