Saturday, October 22, 2011

The End of September Hits

At least that is my prayer at this point. On Wednesday, we got confirmation that Zach is a healthy but petite guy with no heart problems. After that appointment, we headed over to Costco to put new tires on the car. In addition to this our new to us dryer is still working great and the van seems to be running well with it's new tire as well.

All that leaves is my surgery, to say I was not very very very nervous about it would be an understatement. I also had to go on a high dose of antibiotics for the first 2 weeks of October due to the infection in my mouth. I also was taking ibuprofen every day for pain. So I knew it was necessary but still very scary for me.  But I must say that the surgery itself was a breeze. I took the medicine as instructed an hour before arriving at the office. The one problem was with the billing. This office insist that even with insurance 1/3 of the estimated bill must be paid up front, in addition I had to pay the consultation fee up front as well. But after some discussion and a call to my insurance company the total OOP was less than $200. I do expect to re-coup at least half of this from my insurance as well. Matt will tell you I was "falling asleep"waiting in the office. I was taken back to a room, given "laughing gas" I remember the IV being started after I warned them that my veins roll. After that I honest, remember the doctor moving around, then a nurse saying you did great, lets go to your car.  I do remember thinking "Am I in a movie?" when the nurse added that my husband had brought the car around to the back alley.  I have been painful since the surgery, almost 36 hours at this point but I am doing ok and even managed half a day without pain medicine this morning. I am praying by Monday I will be back to normal with no pay at work!

So the hits of September have now passed!

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