Sunday, October 9, 2011

IKEA makes me smile!

So as of this afternoon a momentous occasion has occurred at our house...we all have enough space to keep our clothes and the majority of our clothing is now in the room of the person it is being worn by. The exception to this is Kendall. Her hanging clothes are still in our closet and I don't see that changing until someone moves out.

On Thursday, after the girls eye appointment we headed to IKEA. I had a plan in mind. We received in the mail over a month ago a coupon for $25 at IKEA. My Mom was so nice to save me the same coupon she received because she will never convince Dad to drive for a furniture store. Thursday morning I was having my hair done and mentioned to the hairdresser that we were headed to IKEA later. She had also saved her coupon and gave it to me. So I had a total of $75 free money to spend. The one slight problem is after arriving there was a sign that stated "one coupon per customer." Matt and I both redeem our coupons, dropped the kids off in the play place, thank goodness that Kendall was tall enough and thank you nice IKEA lady for making sure 3 different ways without shoes or hair :). After loading the first purchases in the car I realized they had change employees at the front desk set up for validating coupons so I used the third one. We purchased 2 dressers for the girls room. One with 4 drawers and 1 with 3 the original plan was to purchase 2 with 4 drawers but of course they only had one in stock. I also picked up 4 teacher gifts. We also saw something I have been looking for. Wire drawers that stack. We ended with a 2 combination sets. Both are approximately 6 feet tall. Mine has 2 plastic 3 gallon containers and 6 wire drawers, Matt's has 3 plastic containers and 4 drawers. I had planned on pictures but that just did not happen. The plastic containers actually hold all our jeans in one without a bend. They are awesome!!!! I actually have 2 empty drawer currently. One is the top of the dresser we moved in Zach's room and the second is in the dresser that is in our bedroom. I have plans for both but we will see. For now I am happy just to have all the clothes with a home!

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