Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Happening?

I have been so tired several night for the past couple of weeks that I have been in bed around 9pm.

It is daylight from 5:30ish am until 9ish pm, this makes going to bed prior to 9 really impossible.

Last Thursday we took both little girls for an eye appointment. Lily's eyes are improving but we are going to continue patching four hours a day for another 4 months. Kendall has begun to cross and we have started patching her right eye 1-2 hours a day.

Kendall HATES the eye patch. The first day she asked to take it off 4 times and actually took it off and threw away behind my back. We have added coloring and stickers to the eye patch and she at least tolerates for an hour without removing but still ask if she can take it off at least one time.

After the eye appointment, we spent time and money at IKEA. We bought a shelving unit for our bathroom and some nice baskets to go on it. Matt has stained and assembled, it makes that area feel more complete.

I also made a trip to Walgreens on Thursday, spent 4.50 and made 5.50 in register rewards. I also discovered on their rain checks they actually list the price minus the Register rewards, so now I have to locate my coupons and return for cheap razors.

On Saturday, we visited both Food Lion and Costco as well as picked up a online order from Harris Teeter. I am very impressed with Harris Teeter and plan to try the online version again to see if it works on special events.

I have been working alot of hours close to full time so trying to keep up is hard.

Our square foot garden is producing!!! I plan to post pictures on Wednesday but so far we have been able to harvest and use a couple of squash, 5-10 cucumbers and enough green beans to serve as a side dish! Matt is still growing and using the herbs so this has been really awesome to have our own produce.

CVS has several fun deals this week including Diet Coke 2-Liters for 0.79 so I will be making 3-4 trips this week and plan a post with all the details on Thursday!

Haley has finished school, last Friday and will be volunteering at the hospital I work at, 4 hours a day on Mondays and Wednesdays all summer.

It is dark and almost 10pm so I am going off to bed.

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