Thursday, June 2, 2011

May In Review

Blogging: I definitely increased over April with 12 total post. Matt is complaining that one or so didn't count because it was a picture of the garden but hey at least it is an improvement. The goal is 15.
: I sucked this month. I am honestly ashamed of how little time I have spent. So this is number one on the improvement list for June. Goal: 3 per week.

Couponing/Grocery Budgeting: After two awesome month of coming in right where I had budgeted, this month we are way off! I have spent around 1500 on groceries this month. The good news is that this included the money for entire summer of the co-op and also the expense for the square foot garden that we planted. I have added to the stockpile this month but now in June, I plan to focus on meat and staying way under the $800 budget.(Not sure why I can't seem to un-bold the above statement?)

: Catching up from April so nothing new paid.

- Have not even stepped on the scale!

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