Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paid to shop at Harris Teeter

A couple of weeks ago, Harris Teeter sent me a notice that one of the stores in Winston-Salem was beginning "Express Lane" services. Basically, this is where you place your order online, drive up push a button and they bring the order out to your car. To entice me to try this new service, they gave me a $10 off $50 and are negating the service fee of $4.95. After some investigation into how they would honor coupons, I decided to try it send we were already going to be in Winston anyway. Coupons work this way, when you pick up an order you hand over the coupons, they are held until you order again and then subtracted from that order total. I bought only items that were on sale and I had a coupon for. I ended having almost $18 of coupons. Today as I was starting to prepare for the "Super Doubles" event starting on Wednesday, I realized that there were several items on sale this week and others with coupons are a really good deal, so I decided to place a second "Express Lane" order today. My calculation had my total after subtracting last weeks coupons to under $2. I did receive a call while at the pool, that one of the items I ordered was out of stock and a second she did not realize it was coffee cream and not coffee. I was blown away when she brought our order to the car and handed me $5.59. Yes even my receipt says -$5.59. After checking it out on the way home, my conclusion is that either by choice or mistake, I was not charged for the three items that were initially missing from the order. I am pleased and excited to finally in the same week, save over 90% (CVS on Thursday) and be paid to show!!!

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