Friday, June 17, 2011

CVS Rocks this week!

I have been able to make 3 trips to CVS this week and each one leave me wanting to go back again! They have a few really good deals this week.

First was my trip on Sunday, Orbit gum is on buy one get on sale this week, I combined it with a coupon for 1.00/2 and brought home 10 packs of free gum. I was also able to get some free deodorant by combining a regular coupon with a store coupon. My favorite deal of the week is 2 Liter Diet Coke for $0.79! I ended up spending $4.35 and saving 26.83 or 72%.

For my second trip, I took Haley along and was VERY disappointed to find the store out of Diet Coke. We each got rain checks for these. We did purchase the free razor deal and I was able to use a rain check for Allegra.

On Thursday after taking Haley to the Doctor, we decided to check out the Salisbury CVS. I will say the girl behind the counter was rude but it was still an awesome trip. For this trip I combined coupons that I found hanging several weeks ago on Cokes and a regular paper coupon for Pringles. I was also able to use a rain check for the Pro Health Mouth Rinse that I missed 2 weeks ago. We purchased 2 L of Crest Pro Health, 10 2-liter Sodas and 7 cans of Pringles for $5.30 and saved $51.21.

This was an awesome week of shopping at CVS. I may go once more to stock up on the 2-liters if I can find a space to store them!

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