Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I think I finally have a hold on my life! Today I have managed to get a lot done including this blog and still think I will finish my list :)! So here is a quick update on things happening around here.

-I have a sinus infection and stomach bug. Hopefully the antibiotic will help and I will finally be cough and runny nose free for the first time since August.
-Zach has the same above mentioned stomach bug. We are still waiting to find out why he is not gaining weight. We are adjust to the no wheat diet and finding table food that he will eat in the process. We have accomplished the mission of 18 to 24 oz of Soy Formula a day
-Kendall has a sore throat and is continuing to work on potty training. So far once a day at best but at least it is a start.
-Lily is enjoying home school and likes it even better when both Matt and I get to "teach" her.
- We are trying to plan both our trip to Michigan at Thanksgiving and Disney at Easter.
-Haley is currently ground and has not died as expected from the lack of facebook.

Now to get things done :)

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