Saturday, September 18, 2010

So I know that I need to blog, and I actually have time to sit and write a post without any distraction at least for a few minutes but I really don't know where to start. I have been so involved in life that it feels like I haven't blogged honestly in months, now I don't even know where to start at. After writing, I am going to update in a list fashion things going on or in the planning stages around here. If I get this out of my head then I want to write a post about my AWFUL trip to CVS tonight, so maybe this will actually turn out to be a good thing.

I have been on antibiotics since Wednesday and can now actually care on a conversation without coughing or blowing my nose.

Kendall and Zach are both sick. We hope that Zach is recovering from a stomach virus. Kendall sounds awful when she wakes up, she is so hoarse and has a runny nose. This all started last week so my thought are if she is not much better by Monday it will mean a trip to the doctor between working.

We currently are making plans to go to Michigan for Thanksgiving, we have reservation in Claire where we will actually spend Thanksgiving but I NEED to do some research and book our hotel room near the outlet mall and Christmas store.

We are also making plans for a trip to Disney and Sea World at Easter next year. I need to do some more research into the cost of Sea World as well as the best place to purchase these at.

Harris Teeter has sent me 4 $5/20 coupons so we have been heading that way once a week. This week I combined it with the Super Doubles sale and stocked up on cereal and pop tarts.

Today was distribution day for Angel Food and the monthly bible quizzing competition. I survived and enjoyed both. We were able to purchase an Allergen Free box of basically meats to fix on a regular basis for Zach. I am thinking that other than milk and maybe a trip to CVS next week, I may not have to go back to a grocery store this month!!! I hope this works out!

Finally we were given a dresser today that will be perfect in the closet!! I actually have to offer it to Amanda first and if she does not want it then I will be able to finish organizing our closet and start on my scrapbook table!

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