Thursday, September 23, 2010

Potty Training- Kendall Style An update

When I titled this post I realized that I had already posted once about this topic. I was confused and had to look back at the post and the date, May 21, a entire lifetime ago. Wow....

I honestly don't remember potty training either Amanda or Haley. Haley was in daycare at Coggins and also allergic to disposable diapers so I assume that with these combined, Potty training was much easier! However honestly, I don't remember when or how it happened. Yes, Haley, I am a horrible mother. I was home most of the time with Lily so I have a few memories of training her. First, I started sitting her on the potty around 16 months. I know that it took several months for her to get the idea but I also have a vague memory that once she started going on the potty it was less than a week before she was out of diapers.

Kendall has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. She is my latest walker at around 18 months, we noticed and corrected her vision at the earliest age, 14 months. She was actually swimming long before walking. I had a hint that potty training would be the same. She actually asked to go to the potty starting in May. But she rarely peed on it. I decided to leave the diaper off and she peed and did not even blink. So I knew she was not ready. Then with all the events of the summer, potty training was on the list never mind at the top. After her birthday, my mom started hinting about time to train her, but it was actually after Zach's birthday that I finally decided it needed to happen. Matt and I talked about taking her to the potty and we honestly tried. Finally start last week, I have been making the effort to take her often when I am home. Matt has also started seeing way to remind him to take her. She has been using the potty about once a day for the past week. Kendall has also made the connection between using the potty and getting candy. She will even tell anyone what happens! On Wednesday, I had a late morning at work so I took her to the potty first thing... she peed!!! I also made it a point to take her every hour until I left around 11. I was disappointed because she still had a wet diaper and didn't use the potty again. So imagine my excitement when I got in my car and read the text from Matt that she pooped in the potty!!! Awesome not only did he remember to take her after nap but she used it! So before dinner I took her back to the potty and she used it again! And then prior to bath, she used the "big potty" I am excited. The goal is now to have her trained and in panties by Thanksgiving! Even if we have to use diapers at night it will make that trip so much easier! I will try to update on my month in review!

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