Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treading Water

I know I need to write something but exactly what to blog is kinda of like answering the question "So how are you guys doing?" Let me first say that I can not imagine going through this with out the love and support of our family and friends. Each time I am asked this question, I am reminded how much we are cared and prayed for. But I am still trying to come up with a response. I guess part of the problem is I really don't know. Matt and I have returned to work, which means the little kids are spending time at home with Haley babysitting. We are attempting to plan our trip to the beach. Amanda is going out with friends. So we are somewhat returning to normal. But that does not mean we are okay or forgotten or even dealt with the grief. It simply means that just as Life goes on so must we. Lily is starting to have some behavior issues, I am sure that they are part due to the horrible sleep schedule she has been on the past 2 weeks. The other reason is that she feels a loss and is dealing with it like a 4 year old. Both Kendall and Zach have a nasty cold. Last night was the first night in a week that Kendall did not wake up several times, we decided that she could not suck her pacifier and breath at the same time and gave her medicine.
So in a nut shell treading water describes our life right now.

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