Saturday, July 31, 2010

July in Review

Let me just say out loud that July 2010 has been the worst month in my entire life! I honestly didn't think it would ever end. Low points of the month include the week of Remington's death, Matt losing his job and the dishwasher completely not working. So is anyone surprised that I have came even close on any of my goals?
The one thing that I have improved on is my devotions because honestly God is the only one support and carrying us right now! I am able to spend time at least 2 a week and usually 3 to 4. I am encouraged by a devotional book that Haley bought me at Life.

I have spent around 800 again on groceries this month that is on top of all the wonderful food we have been blessed with. But the bright side of that is that our freezer is of officially full and we should be able to reduce the grocery budget in August even with our beach trip!

I have only blogged 12 times including this post.

Preschool is on summer vacation!

Now for an update and plan/idea of what is going on over here! Matt is officially unemployed and as we had established as our plan 3 years ago, he will become the full time daddy and housekeeper. I already have in the works a part-time position that will guarantee me 16 hours a week and full benefits. I also plan to continue working a second position for around 12-16 hours a week depending on what they want and how busy my schedule is. We are confident that this will allow us to not only maintain a budget but actually start to reduce debt and save. I add this to my monthly update as to what we have been able to accomplish. For the month of August, the goal is to go on vacation, find a second car for me to drive and met the budget we establish prior to him being unemployed. Matt will be taking over the responsibility of teaching Lily to read but I am still going to do a "preschool" time with her to work on writing and math. I am excited to get these details in place! If you are reading then please pray for us these first weeks of August that we establish a routine and find peace and comfort in it!

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