Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up!

So it has been over a week since I have posted anything... I have been crazy busy so I am going to use this post to catch up! I will also tease ya with a promise of a awesome trip to Food Lion post that will appear later today as well as Wordless Wednesday will be Kendall's birthday pictures and of course a Monday Menu post to come as well.

So I worked 22 hours last week in addition to Kendall's birthday and cookout party being on Thursday. If things continue as we hope/plan then I will continue working but cut the hours to a max of 20 with 16 being the plan. I don't mind going to work but the kids are all off schedule and we have had a couple of rough night with Kendall waking up and not wanting to sleep all night. All three of the little ones are much more clingy than usual but they all run to hug me as soon as I walk in the door from anywhere.

Kendall's birthday was fun. We decided to have a cookout with my family and friends. We had around 20 people in the house but the kids were awesome. We ate around 5pm, the kids were all playing and before we realized it after opening present and cake and ice cream it was 8pm. I am so glad we did this for her birthday! Pictures will be posted on Wednesday!

Yesterday, Sunday was the Fourth of July. We had an awesome church service, lunch at the Chinese place . We met friends at the pool then went over to their house to eat left-overs from Kendall's party and shot off some fireworks. I wish I would have gotten some pictures. Kendall LOVED the poppers and even asked for several Sparklers. She is definitely not afraid of anything. It was awesome to see her throw the popper and then dance! Today both Matt and I were suppose to have the day off but he already had an ESR so I am working on the laundry, my blog and then we are planning to go to the pool after nap!

The square foot garden is producing but it is not enough for us so we are going to multiple it time 3 next year. I did make an awesome cucumber relish with fresh cucumbers. I am going to make some diced tomatoes today because I have been given quite a few.

Last month was a budget blower. I spent 913 on groceries! Matt and I are talking and trying to rework this budget yet again. I have been able to start a small stockpile but last month we needed food so food we bought! I am averaging 638 a month for the past year for groceries which is where I want to be on a regular basis so maybe that is the number I should focus on! I was doing awesome on blogging until the past 2 weeks so that is an average month as well. I am going to focus on doing better and hopefully by making myself post about my failures the successes will come!

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