Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I need a random list this week..going to try to do an outline form.

- CVS trip yesterday..I did start with 3ECB but spent 10.38 and saved 38.63 or 79%.
- I am working between 18-24 hours a week and it is as much as I EVER want to work
- Working half days makes my life ALOT easier than trying to do longer days!
-We placed a deposit on a house in Fla for our Disney trip next year.
-I plan to save 200 a month in addition to use most if not all of our tax refund next year for this trip.
-We went shopping on Saturday and I also shopped today and I *think* except for a couple of bras and new shoes for Matt and I we have finally bought clothes for everyone
- Haley brought me home a devotional book from Life. It is awesome!
-I plan to upload pictures to Facebook from the photo shoot on Thursday..I sent out an email to my loop with Kendall pictures on and I have already scheduled a Wordless Wednesday post for tomm!

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