Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I Went to CVS 4 Days in a Row!

 Diet Coke of course!

One of the principles that I use to build and keep a stockpile is that I am not very brand conscience. I will usually try anything well except one thing. I have only been drinking Diet Coke for the past ummm 20 something years. On occasion, I do drink other Diet soda but NEVER diet Pepsi!!! So this week when I saw the deal at CVS for Diet Cokes for 0.79 each, I knew I would be visiting often.  The normal price for these 2L are $1.80, I only purchase when they are $1.00 or less, but I have not seen these less than 0.99 in almost a year. This is the reason that I did make a trip all four days of the sale. My store manager did ask me that I only do one transaction per card per day. I have 2 cards so that was a total of 12 drinks each day.   I now have enough Diet Cokes for probably 2-3 month plus I was nice and purchased some others for Matt and the kids to share. In addition to the 48 bottles of soda, I purchased 4 bottles of Dawn dish detergent, 4 bottles of Tide, 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 make up items and 2 physician formula facial care for dark circles under my eyes. My store offered both American Express and CVS gift cards instead of the gas cards as advertised. I counted  both of these in my total saved because I treated these as ECBs. I am excited to be able to stock up on items that we use by playing the drug store game.

Just the numbers: Spent $45.62 on $215 worth of products for a savings of 79%.

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