Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Renovations

Big things are happening around here, renovations being one of them, along with the series that is associated with them. Be sure to follow along with us to see real life numbers and some pictures as well. Amanda has decided to venture out to life on her own, we are excited and praying for her as she starts new things. For the rest of us it means we are moving rooms, which means lots of work and changes.
Our goal for this project is to get everyone in their new spaces completely prior to school starting. A second goal is that we finish this entire project for under $1000. Matt and I have decided that we are only spending $1000, if this means that certain furniture can't be purchased then it will be put on hold. In regards to blogging about this renovation, I will provided at least a weekly update with numbers and pictures.
Breakdown of projects:
  1. Haley's new room- Haley will be moving across the hall to the largest bedroom with a half bath attached. a) Scrap popcorn ceiling- completed, b) repaint ceiling-completed c) Remove wallpaper boarder-completed d) repaint walls e)Replace window- has been order. f)Complete floor in closet g) move window treatments. As you can see we are half way finished with this room. Hopefully Haley can move over the weekend. Furniture needed: 2 new dresser for clothing.
  2. Lily and Kendall move into bigger room- a) Scrap popcorn ceiling, b) repaint ceiling c) Remove wallpaper boarder d) repair walls and door e) Paint walls f) Purchase and hang new window treatments. g) Matt is planning to make a new twin bed frame for Lily to use. h) change light fixture for new fan already purchased. Furniture needed: New closet divider, bins.
  3. Zach gets his own room and closet- a) Scrap popcorn ceiling, b) repaint ceiling c) adapt currently color (yellow) to boys room probably pin-stripping and maybe stickers. Furniture needed: NONE
  4. Matt's office- Matt will need furniture only for this including -desk, chair and shelves
We have already purchased and installed a ceiling fan in the playroom which has made a real difference in the temperature in this room.
Budget information:$1000
Spent $300 @ Lowes for new window and ceiling fans
Spent $120 @ Lowes on paint.
Total spent $420 with $580 remaining

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