Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shopping This Week Including Renovations

Sunday, our local Big Lots offered 20% off everything. My mom grabbed a coupon for me and then both Kendall and Zach stay at their house while we shopped. I was hoping to grab several things for the renovation.  We purchased 2 bedding sets one for Haley and one for Lily, in addition we found a coordinating blanket for Kendall's bed. My current plan is to use the extra pillow shams as topper for windows. Matt has scraped and painted the ceiling and started working on the walls. It will take at least 2 coats of paint so no new pictures for a week or so!
Updated Spending Totals for Renovations
Budget information:$1000
Total spent $470 with $530 remaining. 
Big Lots spent $55. for new bedding. Lowes- Spent 70. for blinds, wood for Lily's bed and miscellaneous. Total for the week $125
Total spent $595 with $405 left, we are half way with our budget. Hopefully the majority of the rest will be spent on new furniture at IKEA.

I also shopped at CVS on Sunday, I came away really disappointed because I spent $4 more than I should have because I forgot to use my ECB on  my first transaction. I ended up spending $16 overall. I was able to purchase 4 bottles of Head and Shoulders shampoo, 1 bottle of sunscreen, 1 candy bar, 5 2Liter Sodas, and 3 bags of Twizzlers candy. Not really a bad trip just one I screwed up and it took about 10 minute for me to rethink and fix the problems.

I also stopped at Food Lion today, but more details regarding this trip and my 4 week grocery challenge will be up tomorrow.

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