Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Recap

NEWS FLASH...................... I am tired. Ok so it was not really a news flash but it is the truth and it sums up the entire week. I am tired. Want more details. I am going to share because 10 years from now maybe I will laugh and say man how did I do it? At least that is my goal.

Work- 5 days no break. I ended up covering for Debbie on Thursday because she was sick. So total I get paid for around 33 hours not counting drive time.

With kids clubs and Matt's small group moving to Tuesday nights then we stay busy. Tuesday is church, I stay home with the little ones. Wednesday night are cheerleading for Lily so we met for dinner and I arrived home around 8:15pm. Thursday- we grabbed a bite to eat and then try to go to bed early because Zach and Kendall have been awake several times a night EACH. Last night (Friday) we spent some time as a couple after the little ones went to bed. We needed it!

Today has been busy with house cleaning and planting. We went up town and welcome home a friend and a solider who has been in Afghanistan since last May. Dinner with the Pierce was a great and fun end to the day. The fact we lose an hour of sleep tonight is going to make things rough in the morning as well


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