Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haley's Sweet Sixteen Party

The focus of this past weekend has been Haley's birthday party. I spent most of the day Saturday decorating the fire station for the party. The party was from 7 till 11pm. We arrived home around midnight thanks to the help of some great friends who not only helped decorate but also helped clean up! I really enjoyed this party because I have seen most of these kids from the time she started school and it had been cool to watch them grow -up. Haley also a group from the youth group come. You hear alot about how bad the kids are but this group is definitely different. We had not one problem and everything we have heard is that EVERYONE had an awesome time. Sunday has been spent sleep and shopping. My plan over the next couple of days/post is to share Haley's party in pictures and then to share about my awesome shopping day. We are also now shifting focus to start counting down the days until our trip to DISNEY!!!! I am so excited! But first Haley's party pictures......the decorations........

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