Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy Life

Just when I think that we settling in to routine, something changes and it gets crazier. Because of space issues in February, all our church events/activies are moved from Wednesday to Tuesday nights. I realized that this made it possible f0r Lily to start cheerleading. Am I crazy? yeap. We deciced to start this new adventure in March. One of the major changes that this involved was figuring out how to eat on Wednesdays. I finish working no earlier than 5pm so that leaves less than an hour for us to eat and get to the cheer gym. We have started meeting for dinner and then I bring Lily to the gym. Matt heads home to get the little ones to bed. So far this is working out but it makes my weekly schedule a little more crazier.
To add to the confusion, Amanda's car is finally dead. So until she is able to find and afford a car, I am driving her to college and arrange to have her picked up. This week was an awful week to start that. It makes it really hard with the time change or as Lily said today, "It is all the farmer's fault for messing with our daylight. Another addition to this week is the fact we have our last Bible quiz of the year on Saturday so I am trying to get that all together. Here is what my crazy schedule looks like this week.
Tuesday- Church activities for Lily, Haley and Matt. I stayed home with Kendall and Zach and tried to work on quizzing.
Wednesday- Lily at cheerleading til 8
Thursday- Off of work but hair appointment, car to be worked on, 31 party, tutoring.
Friday- Small group from 7pm till 10pm
Saturday- Quiz starting at 10am.

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