Monday, March 21, 2011

CVS- The Rain check Trip

CVS has also been running a good sale on Coke products, which is $1 each with 5 ECB when you buy $15, making them 0.66 a piece for 2 Liter Diet Cokes. At this point I have a stockpile of around 45 Diet Cokes and did get a rain check today for another 15. I am hoping to return once more this week to get another second rain check. My reasoning for 2 rain checks is that rain checks never expire so if prices rise as everything is saying they are going to, I can plan to have Diet Coke at least once a day for a long time!

I was disappointed today(Sunday) , to find that most of the items I intended to buy were out of stock already. In fact I only bought one item on my list, contact lens solution. I had 5 ECB from last week and I had received a coupon from the Redbox for 3 off a $10 diaper purchase. I have learned and always carry Diaper coupons with me! Today, I checked and Huggies were 8.99 a pack using the overage from the Contact lens solution, the store coupon and 2 $2.50 coupons I had I purchased a bottle of Contact lens solution, 2 packes of Diaper and a bottle of Hair Spray for $7.01 a savings of 81% or $37. I also used my green bag and received an additional 1ECB!

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