Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Kid Facts

-Zach has completed yet another round of testing to find out why he is not gaining weight. We think he is allergic to eggs and has gained almost 4 lbs in the past month.
-Zach is starting to talk a lot with some recognizable words like Bite, balloon, Cat, Mom, Dad, he also knows the sign for more
-Kendall is still working on potty training. She is at one or less accidents a day but still doesn't get the concept of "poop in the potty."
-Kendall knows her first and last name and her parents names as well.
-Lily is still working hard on learning to read with less than 20 lessons left
-Lily get to start a mini cheer leading squad this week.
-Haley has started to want to drive alot more and may get her license before next school year.
-Haley wants to be a junior volunteer at the hospital and gather all the information needed by herself!!!!
-Amanda is planning to find a full time job for the summer.

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