Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Flu

UGH! This week has been so long and nasty. Here is a short bulletined recap.
  • Last Friday morning, Lily woke up with a fever and was crappy.
  • Last Saturday in the wee hours Kendall woke up with a fever also. We decided that I would stay home with them from Angel Food distribution so as not to spread our germs.
  • Saturday afternoon, Haley called wanting to come home because she felt so bad.
  • Sunday, Zach stayed with Pawpaw and Granny while Lily, Kendall and Haley went to the doctor's sick clinic
  • Kendall has the flu and Lily and Haley a virsus that is similar to the flu.
  • Haley is out of school Monday and Tuesday.
  • Lily is still not feeling great and doesn't get to go to Kids Club on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is when Matt starting getting sick
  • Both Wednesday and Thursday evening I picked up dinner on the way home and Matt is in the bed by 7pm.
  • Yesterday (Friday) Matt starts to feel better but we are forced to miss small group.
We were able to head to Winston today but I am still giving out medicine on a regular basis, no one has a fever but everyone including Zach has a runny nose and/or cough. I am praying we all start to fell better/get back to normal this week!

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