Saturday, February 26, 2011

Normal Saturday

I am so excited after a normal busy week in which I worked 3 days, took Zach to Brenner's Children Hospital for follow up on Monday, and attended a rather long long continuing education class on Thursday, Saturday was free!

We made some changes on Thursday trying to improve the sleep patterns around here. We have now cleaned all the toys except Barbies out of Lily's room and moved Kendall bed in. Zach has the nursery all to him self. It worked beautifully Thursday night with everyone sleeping all night long. Last night (Friday) was not quite as good. Lily work up and needed to use the restroom and of course Kendall did too. Zach cried a couple of times before we went to bed and then again around 3 am. Tonight, Zach has been screaming for about 15 minutes. What does this have to do with Saturday... we are all really tired!

Deserez, Amanda's best friend, has been over since Thursday. She has been really sick the past couple of days and just wanted to be around people. Today is also her birthday, so while Amanda went to work , we took her and the little kids to Applebee's to celebrate.

So what else does a normal Saturday look like around here? Productive!! We have been able to go through the playroom and re-organize/ trash/ prepare to yard sale most of the toys, cleaned all the floors, cleaned up both the living room and kitchen. Figured out our available menus for the next couple of weeks and have some time just to relax! I am so excited!! Time to wii and watch tv!

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