Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April In Review

April has come and went.  Things seem only to stay at a high pitch non-stop pace for the entire month. So I am hoping that in May we can slow down, reset and reach goals!

Blogging: 10 for April, better than March but still not a goal!
Goal: 15 per month

Devotions: I can honestly say that with this goal I am not sure. I have spent time study and listening to Hebrews, I and II Peter but that is not the same as an individual devotion.  I can say that I have spent more time in prayer this month. So at least I am doing something right!
Goal is 3 a week.

Groceries: Failure again.  I really don't understand why this month. One explanation is that we spent $250 which accounts for our overage this month on the produce co-op. We spent 1000 on groceries. Because of the major financial changes occurring in May.  I know we will not be over budget next month in groceries.
Grocery Budget is set at $800 per month, this includes diapers, cleaning supplies, food and toiletries.

Financially: I dream/plan/pray for the month that this is steady and easy. But in the mean time, we continue to work with the circumstance that we are given. Matt learned in late April that his unemployment will end approximately 8 weeks earlier. Immediately, we made some tough decisions and cut out both my trip to Alaska and our family beach trip. Next we have formed a plan to try and keep up on a steady yet lean budget. Matt's business is officially open. With our unsteady income  in the next 6-12 months we have open a second checking and saving account to hold money for "irregular" bills. This account will be used to place money into for future bills such as Christmas, auto repairs, clothing, and insurance. Our regular savings will continue to be the place we attempt to build an emergency fund.  In regards to debt, we have 1 personal loan and 2 credit card loans to pay off. In addition to several hundreds of dollars of medical bills and a tax bill. I started to type that I am almost certain that our goal of debit free will not be met this year but then I realize My GOD is bigger! So I am going to pray, work and strive to meet this goal!
Goal: To be Debt free except for mortgage by the end of the year.

Weight- When checking the Wii, I realized that I exercised a total of 5 times in the month of March. Hopefully, I can get back on track in April.
Goal to exercise 3x a week and to be down to 150 by December by losing around 4 # a month.

You will notice that I have begun to use real numbers and am trying to be open and honest about our situation! Please say a pray or even better send us a word of Encouragment!

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