Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shopping with Kids

I will be the first to admit, I prefer to shop alone, especially when I am using coupons. The reason sound logically, at least I hope they do. I can't give my whole attention to the transactions when I have to keep an eye on the kids.  At best, if I go to the store with more than one of the little kids, Matt is always along.  But today, that all changed. I realized this morning that we needed to go to Walmart to get ink. I have been working on organizing and catching up with coupons all week (10 minutes) at a time, so I had in the back of my mind to check out some items. Matt had a dentist appointment this morning at 9:30am and since he has missed 2 because of my scheduling, I was determined not to have him miss another one. The four of us, Matt, myself, Kendall and Zach, headed out the door just after 8am. We were able to get gas and find everything in Walmart, even managed to check out with coupons and not need a manager!  But the time was going too quick for us to hit I got brave..dropped Matt at the dentist and headed to CVS with Zach and Kendall. Surprisingly enough the trip was much easier and less eventful than I had envisioned. Zach did manage to set off the panic alarm on my car, as well as dart 5 feet in the parking lot just after I explained to Kendall why holding on to the car was important.   I also had to stop and go back to the register because of forgetting about ECB from a rain check but that was actually easy as well.

So here is what I managed to do today... spent $7 and saved $15, 63%. I had 5 different transactions,using 2 CVS cards and a rain check. Overall this is not a great saving % but I consider anything over 60% a success especially with the slim picking from CVS and coupons lately.

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