Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yes, I am one PROUD Mom tonight but I am also a very PROUD American!  Today was the third weekend in a row that I have spent several hours in the car. Today, all seven of us traveled to Raleigh to watch Lily in her competition cheerleading. Lily was awesome and the entire team did a great job for their very first competition. They place 6 of 8 even not getting one of their stunts off the ground. Of course pictures will come later in the week!

But I participated in/observed several things today that make me a PROUD American. First, after the national anthem at the competition, all active military and veterans were asked to stand so that they could receive a round of appreciation.  I am so glad and encouraged to know that in our country even if everyone does not agree with the politics in Washington that we acknowledge the sacrifice these folks give!  The next thing, if you know me at all you will appreciate and realize why this was such an awesome event for me. While looking at the program, Matt pointed out that the final two squads were labelled as "Exceptional Children". We noticed at one point several wheelchairs but I was thinking okay I wonder what is going on.  As the first of these two squads entered the stage, the entire place stood up and cheered! Yes, a standing ovation for this group of girls who were doing the same things as the rest of the kids. This group was awesome, they had stunts and a dance routine each of the exceptional cheerleader had a buddy to keep them moving in the right direction.  I honestly can say I have never heard more cheers for any other group. The finale was two of the girls lifted out of their chairs. As this first routine ended, the announcement came that they won first place and their trophy was given to them!!! Another standing ovation occurred!  As the second group arrived on stage again the entire gym stood up and cheered. The second routine was just as good as the first and they also had lots of cheers. Again as the team finished, "FIRST PLACE" was announced and a trophy present along with a standing ovation. I actually have tears in my eyes as I type this. As a mother, as a therapist, as a person  this makes me proud. This kids were awesome, they have worked harder than any other group I saw and they got the appreciation that they deserved. I am just honored to have been part of this!!!!

A nice reminder in what makes our country special if you ask me.

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