Saturday, March 10, 2012


Meet Ruger....

He is actually a "rescued" dog of sort.  We were headed to Walmart to pick up some sand and dirt today with a quick stop at "P & Gs" (Papaw and Granny's) to pick up the coupons from the past several weeks.  I noticed a couple of new Boston Terriers in one of the lot.   They are such pretty dogs!  I ended up mentioning to my mom that I wouldn't mind having a puppy. She asked so what about a fixed male?   So Ruger came home with us. It appears he is an inside dog who was regularly bathed as he stood still in the tub  and enjoys laying around. Today has been a rough start for us because he is a male who is insisted on "marking his territory." We have spent the better part of the evening taking him outside. I am hoping this gets much better as he adjust to us and the cat! 

Ruger and his "friend" Susie were found at the local Livestock sale by Papaw. He knew that my mother liked this breed of dog, so as the previous owner got both the dogs out of the van, he asked how much they would take for them. To his surprise, "free to a good home." After a brief discussion, both Terrier where loaded into Pawpaw's truck.   The information that we have been able to gather is that he is a "pure breed" but does not have papers. Pawpaw has had the dogs for about 3 weeks and after some attention and extra feeding they are both much healthier. Ruger was at the vet this week and is current with all his shots.  Ruger has been neutered and is approximately 5 months old.  

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