Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time Doesn't Stop

I have been really torn today, I knew I would have time to write a post tonight and realized that trying to get two written would probably be near impossible. So I needed to decide rather to talk about the past week and keep a record of what is going on or work on the post I want to make of alot of the stuff I want to remember from Disney. Then came the light bulb moment. My plan is to put together a Disney scrapbook, so I can make sure everything goes in there. So now I can just focus on keeping up to date here and if I get the chance then do a Disney post.

I have been working quite a bit this week, 32 hours to be exact. The only time I had off was Thursday afternoon but it was nice to be home to pick up Haley and get the kids up from nap. I did have to work really late of Friday. Next week should be easier with two half day planned off at the moment. I also have been slowly adding to our stockpile. I made a third trip to Harris Teeter on Sunday as well as a trip to CVS. Food Lion was a stop on Monday as well as Lowes. I also made a late night trip to use coupons on Friday night to Walmart. My sights are now set on a trip to Food Lion tonight for another great deal. We did not order Angel Food in April due to our vacation and I realized tonight that we are going to be running close on meat over the next two weeks but we are hopefully that we can at least make it 7 days til we can go to Costco.

After much talk and debate, we made the decision on Monday to attempt square foot gardening again the same size as last year. In addition we have joined a food co-op that will be providing a box of veggies starting the end of May til September. I hope to be able to use all these veggies in some form and start to freeze some. The other change we made this year was to purchase our plants instead of growing from seeds. I had attempted to start some seeds but only 2 lived through vacation. We made a quick trip to Lowes, Monday night and purchased cucumbers, watermelon, squash, snap peas, green peppers, banana peppers, pineapple sage, basil, cilantro as well as a couple of other herbs. The $72 cost for these will be a part of the grocery budget this month as well as the $200 for the food co-op. This is a major investment of approximately half of our grocery budget for the month but in the long run we hope it lowers our cost over the year. It is amazing at how well the plants are growing. I need to get a picture just to show how cool it looks already.
Tuesday was church, Wednesday cheerleading, Thursday night tutoring. We decided to spend most of the day Saturday outside. The weather was awesome 70 and sunny. We got the yard mowed and in presentable fashion. Added mulch to the playground and one of our flower beds, trimmed the bushes in the others and weeded. I am very pleased with the results. Hopefully in the next several weeks we get the rest of our back yard taken care of.
Today (Sunday) is Mother's Day. EVERYONE attended church today and then we all went to my brother's for lunch it was nice. I am so happy to be a mother and have decided that God's plan for my life is awesome!

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