Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coupon Blessing 5/29

I blogged about wanting to use coupons in a bigger/better way at our church to encourage donations. So this week, we were able to take a major step in the right directions. We did get envelopes in place at the welcome center and side entry table to collect any unwanted coupons. We did have coupons placed in both of these! I am so excited. Next, this morning Matt was able to type up a short deal that can be used at CVS this week to encourage donations. We are hoping that we are able to do this on a regular basis and that at least one other person will use it to help either save money or collect items to donate.

I have several objectives when putting this list together. 1. Out of pocket cost is less than $10. 2. The items purchased are ones that can be easily donated and needed at any time for most organizations that request donations. 3. The coupons required are easy to locate, for this reason I prefer not to use internet coupons but will stick to coupons from newspapers. Along the same lines, I am going to try to keep the coupons needed from the same month so that they will be easy to locate for most people. 4. I want to keep the list down to one store a week unless something is free at both locations and mets all the above criteria.

Matt is help out with this by working on the wording to ensure it is easy to understand and follow and with typing and sorting. He was also the one to come up with the name "Coupon Blessings"

So now here is the list for this week. I will add a suggestion here that were not on the list printed for church. If you break these down into 2 simple transactions then you reduce your out of pocket cost to $5 instead of $8 and you still have 2 ECB for next week. I am also planning to roll these weekly if possible.

CVS Pharmacy

Free Candy
Purchase 2 Mars candy singles.
Total is $1. plus tax
Earn 1 ECB

Cheap (but Good) Shampoo/ Conditioner
Purchase 2 Pantene 12.6 oz bottles for $3.48 each.
Use $3 off 2 coupon from the Proctor and Gamble insert of May 1st
Use 1 ECB from previous transaction
Total is around $3
Earn 2 ECB to use next week or on another item in the store you need.

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