Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Thoughts

7 days- till we leave for Disney. I am so excited. Today is all about getting ready for the trip. My plan for today is to pack all three of the little ones as well as get a good start on my own packing. Our church Easter Egg hunt is at 3pm this afternoon. I am planning on taking the kids. Matt is currently driving a group of quizzers to Raliegh for practice. He should be home around 6pm this evening. I have several topic for blogging in my head this morning. They include "why I blog" including the idea that my blog allows me to read other very quickly, "my unplanned trip to CVS" where I saved a bunch (probably get this one put together today or tommorow), and lastly and the least likely to ever get written, "why Zac is running around the house naked this morning." Our schedule for the next week is as busy as I can ever remember it. Monday-Zac has an appointment at Brenners. Wednesday-Lily has the school readiness person coming, Thursday-Matt has Angel food ordering and Friday- School readiness Easter party. I am not working on Monday so I have two long day Wednesday and Tuesday. I am working half a day Thursday and Friday-I have a continuing Education class from 8:30 to 3:30. We also have our small group on Friday night, which I need to finish the "gifts survey" prior to this. Tuesday night is church night and Wednesday night is Cheerleading for Lily. So I seriously need to get packing!

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