Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Disney Chain

April 1st, typically known as "April Fool's Day" had a way different feeling at our house this year. It marked for me the beginning of the countdown til our massive vacation to Fla. I am so excited, Haley is as well. The little girls and Zach have no idea what it means or how much fun it will be so I wanted to build some excitement. I decided that I would turn this into a family activity, I was going to make a "countdown" chain. We had, yesterday, 15 days until leaving for Fla. I asked Matt to take 2 sheets of construction paper and divide them into eight pieces with line. Lily practiced cutting on a pencil line and I help Kendall cut the other lines that I made larger using a marker. The rest is simple fold and staple. Zach tried to help by handing me the pieces. The chain is hanging on the kitchen curtain rod and each day we get to talk about the trip and cut off a link. This morning it was so cool to hear Kendall ask to take a chain off and then we all got excited about our trip. The countdown chain did inspire me to work on a packing list and budget (firm) for the trip. I am planning a more detailed post of this hopefully tomorrow.

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