Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lily's Eye..the sequel

Yesterday, Matt and I took Lily to another Pediatric Ophthalmologist. My parents volunteered to watch the other little ones and Haley ended up home from school sick. The drive was about an hour and 15 minutes but we plan to make this our permanent change. This doctor was awesome. She answered all the questions we had and explained everything to us and gave us choices! Lily's vision is 20/60 without glass but this is with her eyes crossing. Because glasses correct the crossing then surgery is not in the future. We were final given an explanation regarding patching that made sense. If we do not patch her strong eye then Lily's brain adapts to her poor vision by crossing and then by stopping sending and receiving messages to that eye because they are out of focus. Patching 4 hours a day will last a long time meaning a year or so. The ophthalmologist did agree that Lily's glasses were not the correct power for her. Her new lens will be +9 and +9.25. We ordered the new lens and will pick these up hopefully later this week.

The exciting end to our trip was the side trip to Trader Joe's which is a grocery store specializing in whole foods with a nice selection of gluten free products. We purchased cereal, cookies and pasta for Zach.

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