Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Currently, I am sitting in a hotel in Clare MI. Zach has having a allergic reaction to something. We have tried to be careful about what he eats but it is nearly impossible to monitor everything he touchs and he loves to find things on floors and eat as well. Matt and I are also considering the possibility that he is allergic to something in the hotels we are staying at or the new t-shirts that I purchased and didnt pre-wash just for this trip. A third possibility is that he has a virus that is working its way out because that has been the case in the past. He is sleeping and hopeful will feel better.

I wanted to post a few more things I am thankful for as well. I should post 14 to catch up for the past 2 weeks so here is the attempt.
  1. Bendryll and the ability to try and make Zach feel better without causing everyone else to sit and wait in a strange hospital or walk in clinic
  2. A very gracious hostess who has included our family in her celebrations just because of who we are.
  3. PBS and Disney that can be seen in all of our hotel rooms so far and manage to make the girls feel at home and on a type of schedule during our week of traveling.
  4. Having a God that I know is in control, my devotion this morning was about being still and knowing HE is God! This was also the sense received at church Sunday. I am waiting for direction. I know I must be still and KNOW he is God.
  5. The ability to text and/or call my older girls at any point. I wish they were with us but I also know that they are happy and ok, even 800 miles away.
  6. The ability to shop and buy things this year, without being concerned that we may not be able to pay a certain bill.
  7. The ability to eat out and even grab extra snacks while traveling without the worry of not having enough money to make it home. This sounds silly but until you have been in that position it is a huge relieft.
  8. A car that was found at just the right time. If I could have said this is the car we need at this point in our life I don't think I could have designed it better. God does provide in his timing!
  9. Neighbors and friends that continue to support and encourage us, even if they never realize how much we need it!
  10. Our military.... a special thanks to both Derrick and Eric G.
  11. The internet and it ability to stay in touch with friends and family as well as the hours of entertainment it provides.
  12. My husband who not only encourages me on a regular basis but continues to mature and amaze me at how great of a dad he is.
  13. Doctors and others who are able to not only identify problems with my kid but provide solutions that were not available even 30 years ago.
  14. The ability to love, laugh, cry and blog about it. A freedom I take for granted most days!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to count your blessings!

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