Saturday, October 2, 2010

News of the week...

First Kendall is doing excellent with potty training! We went and bought "big girl" panties on Friday. She wore for exactly 20 minutes and pooped. But today she did much better. She was in a pull up because of my fears for most of the day. She was dry from this morning though the flu shot and my class reunion at the park. So after nap we put on Elmo and she stayed dry all afternoon. I was so excited and pleased. I am debating about church tomorrow will probably do a pull up but on Monday I am thinking all day in panties.

Next we have installed both a ceiling fan and a shade for more privacy in our new bedroom. Except for furniture and some caulking it is now how we planned. Next weekend we are going to change out Haley's room floor. Hopefully this will do away with some of the awful smell :)>

Finally, we have not been grocery shopping at all this week. We did eat out on Friday at lunch but that has been it. We have only eaten 3 meals off our master list but Matt has enjoyed making several meals that were not on the list but he used items that were still here. I was even able to take a large bowl of slaw and baked beans from the freezer to my class reunion today with no extra cost! I am planning a post about that for Sunday!

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