Monday, October 4, 2010

20 Years.....

20 Years... man at most points in my life that sounds like A LOT of time. Especially when thinking of my kids.

20 years... from now I will have an empty house or at least they all will be old enough to take care of themselves and I can pretend the house is empty.

20 years... Amanda still has another full year before reaching this point. I barely remember a time in my life when she was not around.

20 years....ago I was in high school. Wait it can not have been that long, maybe some one miscounted when they schedule our reunion. Even today, I still think that 20 years should feel longer.

So I did attend 2 parts of our 3 part 20 year reunion this weekend. I was able to catch up with most of the people I care to talk to between the Homecoming football game on Friday night and the family style picnic at the Park on Saturday. Some people were hard to recognize, some were much more enjoyable now than 20 years ago. But the thing that amazed me the most was that my 2 best friends from high school even as different as our lives have been we were together and it was a blast. Just a few difference neither Julie or Sherry are married nor have any kids. Both moved away from Lexington for extended periods of time. Julie still is in another state. But we are still us and we still laughed and enjoyed out time. I hope it doesn't take another ....20 years before we can spend time together again.

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