Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Good Deals at CVS

I will have to admit at first when I checked out the ad for CVS this week, I was unimpressed. In fact, I even told Matt that I didn't think I would go to the store at all this week. So of course things change around here. I was checking out my stash and realized that we had about 8 rolls of toilet paper left. I remembered that P &G had an ECB deal this week. So I went back and re-looked at the sale. I am so glad I did. I have ended up going to CVS once on Sunday and back again on Monday. I am not sure you can repeat these transactions again for two reason. First I used Amanda's card for a deal on Monday that included a free candle. Secondly, quarterly ECB bucks printed this week, I earned 7 and Amanda's card 1.50. Third, I used several rain checks to purchase the Diet cokes and water, because we needed them at home. Finally, there is a glitch at the store so that I have been able to claim the P&G ECB twice. But I still wanted to share because it is COOL!

- 6 separate transactions
Total spent= 19.30
Total saved = 121.98 or 86%

Here is what I was able to purchase 2 scented candles,3 20 roll packs of toilet paper, 2 9 volt batteries, 1 Deodorant, 7 bags of candy, 2 bottles of nail polish, 2 boxes of panty shields,1 razor, 24 pack of water and 6 two liters of Diet Coke.

I enjoyed shopping this week!

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