Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Beach Thoughts

Waiting on 3 small children to fall asleep twice a day at around 1.5 hours each time eats up an ENTIRE day at the beach over the week of vacation.

Said children are so tired by 5:30pm it is torture to keep them awake till 6:30 when the above torture begins..yes we have tried putting them straight to bed and that did not work either.

We have been able to "enjoy" the sunrise all 4 days of our vacation due to the above mention children and their sleeping habits.

Lily enjoyed her first ever game of bowling today with a "winning" score of 137 including 3 separate strikes. She did use both gutter guards and a ball ramp.

Amanda is the worsest bowler in the house only because I "took one for the team" and did not bowl. Haley came in second behind Lily with 3 strikes as well and Matt was third with only 1 strike and several gutter balls.

Zach and Kendall both enjoyed the aquarium this morning much more than I had hoped.

Kendall was afraid to touch anything (shoe crabs, string rays and the costume Shark).

Lily impressed us all and asked to go and visit with the costume Shark, she earned a tattoo for this request.

It is possible to entertain 4 children at the beach without any toys for almost 2 hours. In fact we have enjoyed this time for the past 2 days.

And to finish out the 10 random beach thoughts….I can say without a doubt the Krispy Kreme donuts are far better than Dunkin Dounuts!

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