Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Birthday Post

If things work out, meaning that I am able to get a strong enough wireless signal in my hotel room, I will be posting this on my birthday from our family vacation in Myrtle Beach SC. I will admit that my Monday Menu post is absent this week and my intention is to blog about vacationing on a budget and enjoyment instead of Wordless Wednesday. I had planned to schedule both these post on Saturday and Sunday of last week but they were on the bottom of the short list that did not get accomplished. But now on to the fun stuff…how I spent my 38th birthday.

Our budget was that we were going to eat out one time a day while at the beach, however I really don’t like cold cereal and or pop tarts so I decided that I would eat out twice for my birthday. This morning, I was awake at 6am and so were the little ones. I did fall asleep around 8:40 last night so I was WIDE awake. Matt, myself and the little ones went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It was an awesome meal. We came back and went to the beach. Today, spent about 15 minutes riding the waves ALONE. That was cool. Because of a shower, we came back to the room for lunch and nap. The little ones are having a really hard time going down to sleep it is taking around an hour before they all fall asleep, I consider this a TORTURE. I spent naptime using the slowest internet in the world……..

This afternoon, we (the entire family) went to Broadway on the Beach. Dinner at Hard Rock CafĂ© was an experience. The girls manage to embarrass me…. announcing to the entire restaurant my age. We spent an hour shopping around. Lily had a $25 gift card to Build a Bear where she bought a bathing suit and outfit including shoes and got a bag as well. I also used some of my birthday money to purchase a couple of necklaces. Tonight, I am hoping to get a couple of blog post up, read the first four chapters of John for quizzing and watch some mindless tv.

All in all an awesome birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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