Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Menu Post 8/2

I know this is a day earlier but hey at least I got it posted! So even tho things are dramatically changing over here, I am still doing the menu planning for now with the rule that he can change if he feels like it! Last week we stuck to plan except for the cabbage rolls which were replaced by a trip to Applebee's and we had them at lunch on Sunday with friends. Next week the post will be about how we plan to eat on vacation at the beach :).

Monday: Chicken Fried Rice (double portion, one to be frozen to be consumed at the beach), egg rolls
Tuesday: Hamburger steaks (Angel Food) and corn on the cob
Wednesday: Seafood night (Angel Food)
Thursday: Lasagna (Angel Food)
Friday: Steaks and left over sides from the fridge to clean it out!
Saturday: Grilled chicken, pasta, and peanut butter desert with awesome friends from Africa
Sunday: MYRTLE BEACH, here we come!

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