Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Thoughts Tuesday 8/14

  • We got back a $10 rebate from paint today so currently, we are over budget by only $4 now for the Renovation. Matt is going to take some scrap metal to the recycle center on Thursday so that will put us under again until I purchase the matching bed set for Kendall.

  • Zach is currently sleeping in his new room, he "tried" giving up pacifiers last night but that did not go well. He currently only has the one in his mouth which is a decrease of 3. I really don't see how he is going to give these up! But I also do not want to give up any more sleep in this battle.

  • Matt is starting to work in his new office. I "think" all the work in the other rooms is finished! We even switched out door knobs on the little girls room after Kendall managed to lock herself in. So now that door does not lock.

  • I am not planning a huge grocery trip this week. Instead we hit up Walmart tonight for the couple of items we are out of. I was only able to find one of the 5 deals I was looking for with my coupons. But on the bright side, we found a $1 clearance table with shorts for Zach. I purchased 6 pairs of shorts and 1 T-shirt as well as a skirt each for the girls. Total spent even with groceries $24!!

  • As I moved clothes this weekend and yesterday, I discovered/confirmed that only Zach will be in need of clothes for this winter. He does not need a new coat or shoes or pajamas. My goal is to spend less than $75 on clothes for him this winter. Hopefully, I will be able to find a really good sale on jeans and pants as this is the biggest need for him.

  • We started a new schedule around the house this week. We have moved every one's bedtime to 7:30 except for Wednesday nights. Kendall and Lily both will be up later till at least 8:30 because of church. Lily also will have a second late night due to cheerleading.  The even bigger change is a schedule during the day, which greatly reduces television watching and includes "school" time daily except for Thursdays. So far both evenings have gone much smoother and things seem not so "hurried".  Matt has work time and hopefully we can find a balance and maintain it!!

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