Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Summer Entertainment

As we discussed and debated, while trying to eliminate as much excess spending as possible from our budget over the past 6 months each activity was completely analyzed.  For entertainment this summer, we chose to continue paying our community pool dues. A look at strictly the numbers is: Pool dues $300 a year due in April, weekends available to use the pool 15 so a total of $20 a weekend.   This in reality is a lot cheaper for us than any other entertainment, I have found. In addition to the weekends the pool is open all week long. Some times we actually use the pool an addition 2-4 times during the week. Using just one additional trip each week the cost becomes $20 a week for unlimited swimming and fun. In addition to our family of 7 using this benefit, we have 8 guest pass that the older girls split. Out of town guest are free so that leave us pretty well set for the summer. This year, Lily is competing on the swim team and both Kendall and Zach will be receiving swim lesson for a week that are included with membership as well.  Over the past several weeks, we have spent at least 6 hours a weekend at the pool. The pool also provides a grill that can be used for dinner, no additional cost for gas!  I definitely thing that this is one activity that we will continue to enjoy!

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