Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Harris Teeter Secrets

I had an awesome trip to Harris Teeter on Thursday. Here is what I purchased: 5 12packs Diet Coke, 1 Scotts Bath Tissue, 1 pack of Scott Paper Towels and 6 boxes of Suddenly Salads. Total cost $8.00 plus $2.00 catalina earned.

First some basic information about the way I shop Harris Teeter:
  •  Harris Teeter has an online shopping that is called Express Lane. I have been using this service for the past year. I LOVE using it even with the problems that it sometimes has. Basically, you go online and place your order, designate a time to pick up (must be at least 4 hours in advance). 
    • The normal charge is $4.95 per order. Often I receive coupons or other special promotions to offset this cost.  Currently all summer long all Express Lane orders are $1.95. In addition, I have received a coupon for basically $10 off $75 plus they waive the fee. I did not use this offer on this order. They also offer unlimited monthly shopping for around $16.00 a month but I have never used this because I usually only pick up at most 3 times a month.
    • Sale prices are the same online as they are in store EXCEPT you don't have to buy 5 to take advantage of Buy 2 Get 3 Free, the price for a single item indicates that you are buying the five. In addition BOGO show up at half price as well. Sale prices change around 8pm on Tuesday night for the new sales that start on Wednesday. If I am ordering for a Wednesday, I usually shop on line around 8:30pm.
    • Coupons are accepted but in the same way as ECB or RR. The coupons that you turn in today are used on your next order. This sound confusing but really this is how I was able to do the above purchase.
      • During Super Doubles or Triple Events, things get interesting.
        •  The coupons that are currently on file (from a previous trip) will automatically qualify for the event. Last Wednesday was the first day of Super Doubles so I had prepared an order of items that were excellent deals. I had previous left $9 in coupons, when I picked  up my order they Super Doubled to $20.
        • In addition the coupons you are leaving during the event will also qualify even after the event is over. Last Wednesday I left $40 in coupons. I always ask they write on the enevelope the name of the event.
  • Because the trip to Harris Teeter is around 60 miles round trip, I usually only shop during a special event such as Super Doubles or Triples. However, if we are planning to be in Winston and I can find some decent deals or coupons that can be used then it is not out of the way. This Thursday,we had an entire day planned so no extra gas was needed.
Now to the transaction I completed. I was running low on Diet Coke, the price on sale was $3.89 a 12 pack. Suddenly Salad was on an awesome sale 10 for $10. I had 2 coupons 0.55 each and 2  (0.50 off 2).   We also needed toliet paper and Paper Towels, neither of these items were on sale but I had $1.00 off coupons for each.  My total online prices was $48.10, with the use of $40 in coupons from last week total out of pocket was $8.00. I left the $2.00 catalina and $6.20 in coupons for my next trip.

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