Saturday, December 3, 2011

OH the Things You Hear

I decided this year to scale back on my Christmas decorations. But one of the few items that we brought down from the attic was the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene. This was a gift from several years ago that I absolute love and the kids have been playing with for several days now. However this gift comes with one problem....things that are said that you should really never hear at Christmas.

"Take Baby Jesus out of your mouth."
"No Baby Jesus can not slide down the stable roof"
"Why are you putting Baby Jesus in time out?"
"A camel does not say woof, but that is okay just this year"
"Please share the donkeys with your sisters, you don't need both the Baby and the donkeys."
"Leave Baby Jesus alone and go watch TV while I get dressed."
"Why is the cow sitting on top of the stable?"
"Yes, I realize that the cow plays music out of it's butt when you sit it there."
"No, I won't make Zach give you the baby Jesus because you are a girl" or the alternative is "Zach give baby Jesus back to your sister, she was playing with it first."

I really wish I could put a disclaimer here saying at least one of the above has not been said this year but instead I will add that after repeating the above statements at least 6 times, I am beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea!

This morning as I went in our bathroom, I had to add these

"Please don't give Baby Jesus a bath in toliet."
"Why oh WHY are all these people in the bathroom with me?"

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