Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is a Stockpile?

This is a question I have often wondered myself. I do know that I think most of the stockpiles that you see on TV are just over the top. I was reading over some blogs this morning and found a guest post over at Couponing To Disney in which a very nice list was given about what amount of food they felt should be kept on hand in order to have a month supply of food. I changed most of it a bit to be more of what I thought was realistic.  I am planning to use this list to actually make my shopping list. Meaning when I go for a huge stock up trip, I will take a look at this list and see what needs to be added to make me feel comfortable with the items on hand.  I will also use it for a guide of buying things, so if I find an awesome deal of toilet paper but already have the amount noted then unless it is free, I don't need it.  I am share in hopes it will help someone else.

Dry goods
2 5lb bags of flour
2 10lb bags of sugar
1 boxes of baking soda
1 can of baking powder
1 canister of salt
2 boxes of baking mix (like Bisquick)
2 boxes of Pancake/waffle mix

Canned Goods
20 cans of assorted fruit
15 cans of soup (including cooking soups)
5 jars of spaghetti sauce
2 jars of peanut butter
2 jars of jelly

5 cans of tuna

Freezer goods
2 packs of Hot dogs 
1 pack (20) Hamburgers
10 lbs of chicken breasts cut in various ways
4 packs of bacon
5 lbs of hamburger
2-4 packages of lunch meat

3 2lb bricks of cheese and at least 1 pack of American slices
15-20 bags of a variety of frozen vegetables.

Pork chops
3 bags of tortillas
2 canisters of bread crumbs- I have been saving all old/odd slices of bread and we process these so I don't plan on every buying this.

Pantry goods
12 boxes of cereal
5 lbs of rice

30 packs of instant  oatmeal
2 jugs of syrup
1 jar of vegetable oil
1 jar of olive oil
2 cans of Pam spray
4 boxes of crackers
4-6 boxes of Pop tarts

Personal care- In this section, I already have more than what is listed in my stockpile so I use this as a guide of where I need to start actively looking for more of an items instead of grabbing only things on the “best deals list”. But Free means I get it no matter what!
 2 sticks of each persons deodorant
2 tubes of toothpaste
2 bags of feminine pads
6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner
2 bottles of Hair spray
6 bottles of body wash

Cleaning supplies- In this section, I rarely have this much on hand unopened. This is considered the only get it if it is free when we have this much of a supply
2 bottles of hand soap
2 bottles of dishwashing liquid
2 boxes of dishwasher tablets
3 bottles of laundry soap
1 box of dryer sheets
2 cans of scrubbing bubbles
3 tubs of cleaning wipes- I only buy the Kirkland brand so if they are on sale then I grab extra otherwise I buy when we start the last bag.
120 rolls of toilet paper
10 rolls of paper towels
1 bottle of pine sol
1 boxes of garbage bags

Snacks-   I don’t think this is a necessary list, I prefer to keep some fruits on hand for the kids to eat and we usually stock up at Costco at least once every couple of months. This is the exact list I found on line. I left incase you do feel snacks are necessary. With that beginning said, I will add that we like to keep a candy and chip stash in our bedroom.
2 boxes of popcorn bags
6 bags of tortilla chips
2 jars of salsa
5 bags of jerky
35 fruit leathers
2 bags of cookies

Pet supplies
1 20lb bags of cat food
2  jugs of cat liter

5 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags
5 boxes of Ziploc freezer bags
20 batteries of each size

Staples - This final list is things that I personally don't freeze so I buy in bulk if I can and rarely find on sale so I usually purchase at Costco. If  I do find a sale then I stock up with what I can use in a couple of month time or before the expiration date
2-4 gallons of Milk- we are not big Milk drinkers so a gallon last around a week
4-6 gallons of Apple Juice-a months supply
7 dozen eggs- these usually last 2 months purchased from Costco
2 loaves of bread.
5lb of potatoes
3lbs of onions
4-8oz containers of Sour Cream
2 8oz containers of Cream cheese
4 boxes of butter
1 large tub of Margarine.

Do you have any suggestions I should add or take away?

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