Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kendall's Birthday Celebration

Birthday are a big deal around here, thanks to Haley! Kendall is a little different, one of the reason is that there are really no little girls her age at church and so that makes it kinda difficulty to plan a real birthday party. So this year, I wanted to try something different. We actually did have a small party last night with family (pictures to follow). In order to make Kendall's birthday extra special, we planned a trip to the mall and toy story.

I had to work on Thursday morning but I arrived home around 11 and we headed to Pizza Hut for lunch. Next we went to Hanes Mall. The first stop was the carousel. Kendall actually asked for this the minute we got to the Mall. Next we stopped at the play area for about 20 minutes. Build a bear was the next stop of Kendall's celebration. Kendall picked out a bear and named her "strawberry." Zach ended up with a bear called "Chocolate chip" and Lily picked out a Rapezul outfit and shoes to match. Kendall LOVES this Bear and it has become a constant companion. The really cool thing about the bears is they actually are part of an ice cream promotion called "Blizzard Bears". Both bears hold cups of ice cream and they smell like the flavor! Pictures were scheduled at JCPenny's. Kendall is usually the most difficult one of the kids to get a good picture of but she did awesome for these. We ended up spending more than planned on pictures but these are the best ever pictures of Kendall so well worth it. After pictures it was off to ToysRus. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, the answer for the past month has been "a scooter." So of course we had to go and find one. After finding the scooter, we decided to eat at a Chinese Restaurant before heading home.

The fun continues on Friday morning(actual birthday). I was able to spend most of the morning outside with watching the little ones playing with the scooter. The weather was perfect! Friday evening our small party was our family, Amanda's current boyfriend, Pawpaw, Granny, Sandy and Lucy! Kendall received a crying baby, a barking dog, a hopping ball and all the attention a three year old needs!

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